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Aromar Angel Roll on Perfume Oil

Aromar Angel Roll on Perfume Oil

Aromar Angel Roll on Perfume Oil

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Don't miss out on this heavenly, sweet blend of essential oils with absolutes of rose,  French lavender and  vanilla  oil. Aromar's Angel Body Oil is a classy addition for those who yearn for a natural perfume which strike one as being surrounded by angels.

Angel Roll on Body Oil- Endeavoring and Enticing Scent

With a fragrance that explores the essence of honey, chocolate and caramel, Angel perfumed oil from Aromar caters you with the best experience.

Please don't confuse it with the originals designers name trademark. It has no  affiliation with the designer's manufacturers.

While the fragrance notes will unfold over time, you will enjoy the immediate impression of the top notes of coconut, cassia, bergamot, mandarin orange, jasmine and cotton candy. Gradually, you relish the middle notes of blackberry, honey, apricot, plum, orchid, berries and rose.

Angel body oil is:

  • A seductive and glamorous fragrance.

  • Highly scented and long lasting.

  • A roll on applicator for ease of application.

  • Great to carry with you wherever you like.

  • Phthalate free and non-toxic fragrances.

  • Featuring a non-alcohol formulation.

In conclusion, this compact and perfectly portable fragrance bottle is a must have in your collection.