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Coco Mademoselle Roll on Perfume Oil

Coco Mademoselle Roll on Perfume Oil

Coco Mademoselle Roll on Perfume Oil

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If you need a modern, oriental fragrance which is enchanting, sensual, and long lasting, Coco Mademoselle is meant for you.

With this perfumed oil from Aromar you enjoy the notes of bergamot and orange intermingled with lush jasmine and warm patchouli. Plus, you will love the notes of vetiver and vanilla.

Coco Mademoselle Roll on Perfume Oil- An Unforgettable Fragrance

It is a matter of pride to cater top notch quality aromatic products. Coco Mademoselle comes in a roll on bottle which makes it a perfect addition to your travel bag. While this fragrance is stronger, it lasts longer as compared to the other any other contender product.

  • It is 100% made in USA.

  • Fragrance oil of the highest grade quality.

  • Infused with essential oils.

  • Safe to use on all skin types.

  • Highly scented and long lasting.

  • Packed as roll on applicators for easy application.

  • Effortless to handle and carry.

  • No alcohol, phthalate free and non-toxic fragrances.

However, these versions of BODY OILS are NOT to be confused with the originals designers name trademark. There’s no affiliation with the manufacturer/designer.