Angel Breath Aromatic Oil

Angel Breath Aromatic Oil


AROMAR Angel Breath Aromatic Oil 2 oz

It is quite clear from the name that this oil is beautifully aligned with the realms of spirit and the angels. The mysterious smell is going to surprise you for sure. Having a warm earthy sent this perfumed oil holds the sweet aroma of the angels, promising you heavenly and loving atmosphere 

Aromar is a leader in manufacturing commercial oils which offers fragrance that lasts for the longest. These are prepared under the guidance of experts and using the highest quality material. You can use them for different purposes. From making your scented candles,and air fresheners, these are perfect addition to your home. So now you can easily make fresheners and scented candles at the comfort of home. 

Some uses:

  • Sprinkle Angel Breath Aromatic Oil into the wax near the wick of a candle. 
  • Few drops of your perfumed oil in the Potpourri can do the magic. 
  • Add several drops of Angel Breath Oil to a spray bottle full of water to freshen up any space. 

How to use Aromatic oils on a warmer ?

Oil warmer: Add in several drops of scented oil to the dish on top of the oil warmer and turn on the oil lamp.

Enjoy the fragrance

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Caution: Our oils are NOT safe for skin, bath or cream PURPOSE.

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