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Lotus Gardens Fragrance Oil

Lotus Gardens Fragrance Oil

Lotus Gardens Fragrance Oil

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AROMAR Lotus Gardens Fragrance Oil  2 OZ

 As this beautiful fragrance starts with a warm and ethereal aroma, it is followed by the base notes of benzoin and agar wood. Fragrance Oil Lotus Gardens features exclusive middle notes of musk, amber, and vanilla. It is completely refreshing scented oil with a rich, powdery floral bouquet. Get immersed into the magic of this meditative and intoxicating blend of jasmine, olibanum, sparkling yuzu, lotus blossom, and bright, radiant green notes. You will feel the clean, water-fresh, and slightly powdery perfume which is neither too sweet nor too hard. It is just absolutely perfect.

Why choose  Aromar:

  • The oil comes with assured high quality standards.
  • One of the sensational fragrance oil which provides long lasting fragrance.
  • Being phthalate free it is ideal to be used for your oil burners, potpourri, and much more.
  • You will get it with unparalleled quality and consistency.  

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How to use fragrance oil on burner ?

Oil burner: Add in several drops of scented oil to the dish on top of the oil burner and turn on the oil lamp.

Enjoy the fragrance!

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Caution: Our oils are NOT safe for skin, bath or cream PURPOSE.