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Orange Ginger Fragrance Oil

Orange Ginger Fragrance Oil

Orange Ginger Fragrance Oil

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AROMAR Orange Ginger Fragrance Oil  2 oz

Now it is high time to boost your energy to another level. For this all you need to do is introduce this refreshing scent of orange and ginger to your home or workspace. With the top notes of sweet orange, ozone and melon, this oil presents a blend of hearty notes of rose, hyacinth, and peach. Also it contains a light musk at the base which completes the fragrance in a magical way. You can consider it to be a product with freshly squeezed orange aroma blended with invigorating ginger. It is jam-packed with effervescent accents and is a perfect way to engage and soothe your senses.  Buy it from Aromar for some major reasons:

  • You will get the high quality natural blend products.
  • These serve you with a pleasant and longer lasting fragrance.
  • Buy them at industry leading price range.
  • This oil can be used for home, office, and even your car.
  • You can add them to a spray bottle to create air freshener scented by adding it in diluted form.
  • Now make your own scented candles at home.

How to use fragrance oil on burner ?

Oil burner: Add in several drops of scented oil to the dish on top of the oil burner and turn on the oil lamp.

Enjoy the fragrance

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Caution: Our oils are NOT safe for skin, bath or cream PURPOSE.