Fresh Linens Scented Sachets
Fresh Linens Scented Sachets
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Fresh Linens Scented Sachets
Fresh Linens Scented Sachets

Fresh Linens Scented Sachets


What if you get a room scent which offers you a blend of three aromas in one bottle?

Scented Sachets Fresh Linen commingles fragrances of pure white flowers, lean laundry, and bright sunshine to serve you with a scent which stays for the longest. 

Get it from Aromar and awash your home in fresh and clean linen scent.

Scented Sachets Fresh Linen- Clean, Fresh, And Invigorating Deodorizer

Place Aromar Sachets Packets to create a special aromatherapy experience almost everywhere;

in a drawer, gym bags, suitcase, pillows, hamper,  wardrobe storage bins, linen closet, and or under the seat of your car to enjoy the aromatic benefits throughout  reafhk triple 

  • Freshen up your space with our fantastic Scented Sachet!
  • Eco-friendly with recycled paper and 100% biodegradable
  • Care: Shake sachet to refresh; avoid contact of package and contents with furniture, fabrics, specialty carpets, finished surfaces, plastics, acrylics, and painted items as may cause damage and/or discolorations ,may not be used as sachets tea
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