Bamboo Orchids Aromatic Oil

Bamboo Orchids Aromatic Oil
Bamboo Orchids Aromatic Oil

Bamboo Orchids Aromatic Oil

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Bamboo Orchids Aromatic Oil 2 oz

Need an awakening and fun scented oil? Try out Aromar Bamboo Orchids which is welcoming and bright. 

Offering a blend of top notes of ocean breeze highlighted with tropical botanicals, it comes with fruity middle notes of mango, musk, floral and wood. You will love this tantalizing medley in the appropriate concentrated form. 

Explore some use here:

  • Create your own air freshener by adding a few drops of the oil to water. 
  • With a tiny amount you can refresh the old potpourri. 
  • Add it into hot melted wax to enjoy your homemade scented candle.
  • Use on your car seat to carry the fragrance on your way.

While the spa professionals can incorporate this Aromar Bamboo Orchids Aromatic Oil into their business, the homemakers will love it for making their house scented. 

How to use Aromatic oil on burner ?

Oil burner: Add in several drops of scented oil to the dish on top of the oil burner and turn on the oil lamp.

Enjoy the fragrance

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Caution: Our oils are NOT safe for skin, bath or cream PURPOSE.