Aromar Air Freshener Tropical Mango

Aromar Air Freshener Tropical Mango

Concentrated Air Freshener
Eliminate Odors Fast  

Tropical Mango

About the product
  • Fabric: 100% Oil Based
  • Size: 1 fl. oz. / 30 ml
  • Color: As Shown


Aromar Tropical Mango Smart Scents Air Freshener 1 fl. oz. / 30 ml. Aromar air fresheners are the real thing This is not your typical diluted air freshener that smells weak and fades out in a day. Aromar is powerful 100% oil based air freshener that will give you a long lasting pleasant scent Just a couple sprays on the floor mats of your car or in the bathroom trash can keeps it fresh for days. You do not have to keep spraying over and over. Try it and see that one spray will blow you away 1 ounce glass bottle with mist spray.

If you don't agree that it is the best you have ever tried, send it back.  


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